HawkHill info

Colin & Lisa Badger of HawkHill Hotworks design and make original contemporary fused glass and wrought iron furniture & artwork to a high standard with an organic edge- creating stunning additions to conservatories, gardens and interiors around the UK and internationally.

The Badgers pioneered designing glass panels vertically in furniture frames over 20 years ago, and are recognised for their distinctive furniture designs incorporating art glass set in iron, with brass, wood or stainless steel accents.

Lisa Badger: "I love playing with transmitted & reflected light and colour as I express myself in glass. I have collected all my past experience in fine art and contemporary craft into a body of work celebrating organic movement along with the full spectrum of hues seen in our world, natural and tribal".

Lisa Badger's glass work is noted for its spirit, expertise and organic references. She is a skilled colourist inspired by underwater biomorphic worlds, tribal and folk textiles, Japanese design and Steampunk.

Colin Badger makes metal into exceptional works, with a high level of craftsmanship stemming from 35 years of experience, and a flair for the unexpected.

HawkHill at Chatsworth