Our chairs and benches are carefully designed to be seriously comfortable and sturdy, as well as beautiful.

Our three main designs are Side Panel Chairs- £365 (breakfast bar or dining height), Dining Chairs- £285, and Round Back Chairs- £320, which are available in tea chair and taller pub chair versions. We now offer armrests on our round back chairs, for an extra £50 per chair.

We also make stunning Side Panel Benches with richlite seats to leave out in the garden, or a variety of woods for indoor use. They are priced at £975.

Some of the chairs shown are commissioned combinations of features from different styles we do. Feel free to ask for something unique to your needs.

richlite_logo  Richlite Outdoor seats for our outdoor chairs and benches, an chair woi siloamazing eco-friendly material made of recycled paper layered with resin, super strong and comfortable.

All HawkHill Hotworks seating can be custom made to specific heights. Leather seats come in a wide range of colourways, and are made of durable fireproof upholstery leather also used for outfitting private jets.

Wood seats come in reclaimed oak, cherry, elm, birch, and others, with UV-resistant finish.