Round tables

These lovely round tables come in two smaller original sizes, Standard Bistro at 62cm (24.5") across and 70cm tall at £780, or the smaller & lower Coffee Table size, 57cm (22.5") across and 49cm (19") tall at £660, plus a new side table size, 46cm (18") across and 58cm (23") tall at £450.

Larger round sizes start at 70cm across (27.5", our largest one-span-of-glass table), then 3 Seater (with 3 sections of glass) at 76cm (30") and 4 seater at 90cm (35.5"). They are all 70 cm tall as standard, or commission a different height. Prices range from £890/£975 up to the 4 Seater at £1480, 5 Seater at £2200 and 6 Seater table at £2780. All of these tables can have detachable legs for easy delivery/storage.

Any design we do can be set into a round table frame.

They are made to survive outdoor environments (except burr elm borders, which are wood after all), and can handle hot coffee cups.

You are welcome to request custom sizes and designs, and we will happily send you a quote.