Please toggle down throught the different categories beneath "Tables" for different table shapes. All tables are designed for conservatory or indoor use, and outdoor use unless inset with wood.

HawkHill table frames are carefully assembled using hidden welded joints or forged on an anvil depending on frame style. They are then sandblasted to remove any rust and coated with a hard-wearing, chemically bonding outdoor coating.

The glass is set-in with flexible adhesives and is generally 6mm thick, which is quite sturdy. The tables can be left outside, although some covering might be advisable long term.

Our newest option for table edging is rubbed and lacquered stainless steel, which creates a pearlescent effect and is easy to care for.

Use this gallery to order from, or as a source of inspiration for new commissions to discuss with us. Size and cost information happily sent upon request.

Air freight to the US for a large coffee table is about £530 and you get it in a few days!. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Koi designs are a popular style in our tables. The fish are in relief underneath the glass, for a most realistic effect.

The name Primordial Soup, or "P Soup" refers to the Lisa's well known Primordial Soup series of glasswork, which has been "evolving" for over 13 years, and has appeared variously as watercolour and computer graphic depictions of microbial worlds. It depicts biomorphic forms within the random flows of a watery environment, celebrating teeming life hidden from the wider world.

Lux Boheme is a descriptive name for the series of Lisa's designs inspired by tribal textile art & carpets, which she collects, and mosaics and tilework seen during her travels. Her own colour theory knowledge is added to this mix.

How to acquire a HawkHill Table

We can be found at a series of shows around the UK, where you can see HawkHill Hotworks pieces yourself- many of our clients have happened upon our work in this way. Check our schedule page to meet us in person, we'd love to talk to you!

We can receive visitors at our church studio if notice is given, as of course we are not always in the area, or might be working with safety equipment.

Or you can commission something special from us by email and phone- We can help you work out heights, colours & themes. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. And we deliver!